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WordPress I Love Thee

WordPress why do I love thee?

There are so many reasons.

The main one is that it’s just so easy to use.The install takes around 5 minutes or less if you have Fantastico on your servers. I do.

Then there are the 6118 plugins for just about anything you can imagine. A plugin is an addon that you can use to add form/function to your wordpress blog.

There are the Themes both FREE and ones you can purchase. Over 900 of the free wordpress themes can be found here. In fact there are so many great WP themes that your head just might explode from looking at all of them and then trying to decide which one works best for you. Look at my choice of favorite themes at the tab above.

Finally there is the ease at which you can post content on and manage your website. The “Tags” and “categories” that help you visitors find what they want and help the search engines properly place your pages.  That alone is reason enough to jump for joy! In fact did you know that blogs actually “ping” the internet to tell it “hey check out this site there is new info” THATS JUST INSANE!

These are just a few of the many reasons I love WordPress and why you should too.

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