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Our packages are perfect for any business that needs a site but doesn’t want to drain their bank account to get one.

Still wondering if you need a site. Head over to the local coffee shop and take a contemplative(thoughtful) break. Buy yourself something tasty, and think about it. You’ll quickly see that you not only need a site but you want one as well.

Now pick a package and lets get started today.

Maybe you already have a site but it’s dreadful? We can help you with that too.

Are you technical and smart enough to send an email? Then a WordPress site is for you

We have a very simple approach to business: Brochure or Ecommerce? It’s that easy.

Vigilant Website Development is a good fit for you.

Our Guarantee: “If you follow our advice, and still don’t see the benefits of internet marketing we will give you your money back” Crazy I know!

We’ve installed websites in hours…yes hours. In most instances, the time factor for a website is client-centered. Meaning that; what takes time is content or decisions on the client’s part. Read the FAQ

Because everything we do is based on professionally designed themes there are very few delays in the development process. With minor exceptions to changes of fonts or colors most sites are installed & set up quickly. What you see is what you get is the name of this game.

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