I originally started Vigilant Website Development as Central Virginia Studios (we used to do video production) in Lynchburg, Virginia after moving from Modesto California. After 10 years I’ve outgrown the regional name now with clients in Chicago, California,Florida,Missouri & Virginia.

I provide great customer service & It’s always my hope with every project I undertake, that I can make it a fun experience for my clients.

There is a battle among the CMS (content management systems) out there. I’ve made my camp with WordPress and will only develop sites in WP. I can host other platforms but don’t provide support for them. The ever changing nature of the technology makes it difficult to keep up with multiple platforms and as WordPress has grown beyond a simple blogging CMS running something like 1 in 10 websites on the internet I feel I’ve made the right choice.

Are you paying more than $99/yr ($8.25/mo) for website hosting? Switching your site over to my servers is easy.  Visit my Packages and Pricing page for more information. I’m also in the process of rolling out new services and features very soon.

Why “Vigilant”?

I’ve always been fascinated by history and a “radical” in politics. Patrick Henry famously said:

“The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.”

Others have said similar things to varying degrees in our nations history.

I thought it was a fitting name for my business. As an entrepreneur I’m forced to stay on top of my marketing, to be vigilant. To work hard or go under. Most of my clients are in the same boat. My clients expect that when they contact me and ask a question or make a request that I’ll come through for them. I will!