Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions I often get and the answers to go with them:

Additional Questions and Answers:

  • How much time for revision is built into this proposal?

    • 4 hours after the site is “complete”

    • Site is considered “complete” once Page, Post and Theme setup is done.

  • What is your hourly rate if we go over that time-frame?

    • $55.00/hr*

  • I know that you are training me to make revisions and that will be helpful if I want to make adjustments. But, if I am ever at a place that I need you to do them for me, what is your hourly rate for that?

    • $55.00/hr*

    • The training I’ll be providing will be to make changes to the site (posts/photos/pages) as governed by the theme menu and the wordpress control panel (aka: The Dashboard). Changes to the theme layout [not including wigitized sidebars] are not something that you would be able to do as it would involve editing the theme code.

  • I see that you are building the site to maximize SEO, are there any ongoing things I need to do with this?

    • There is no easy answer to that. My SEO strategy consists of setting the tags,category,page title and leaving it alone.More could be done such as image alt tags,page descriptions,link sharing programs, etc. SEO is an evolving science as Google/Yahoo/Bing are always changing the Algorithm that ranks pages.

  • Do you offer any service that will keep this at a maximum level and if so what is your charge for this?

    • I do not offer SEO services. I find them to be a ripoff so I couldn’t in good conscience offer them to my clients. Anyone that claims to guarantee you placement is offering something that doesn’t exist and they are only going to do things you yourself could do for free.

  • I am going to migrate my blog site to the new wordpress blog. Do you recommend I do that now?

    • I recommend this be done at the time the site is setup and launched. The reason being that I’ll be working on the site for over a week and will know all the ins and outs of the theme. If I were to come back later and do it I’d have to relearn the site and would need to charge more.

Note about theme changes: The reason WordPress themes are popular is there are thousands that can accomplish your goals from a design aspect. Theme changes should be done sparingly.

Changes to color,font, minor layout nudges are included in this quote.

Major changes to the theme structure and function will cost extra.

Timeline: I can have a site online in under 24 hours. However: In most instances delays are caused by information not being provided to me such as page content/Photos/Links/etc. After 30 days from the start of the project the site will be considered “complete”. After which time 4 hours of revisions will be available. Revisions are limited to the scope of work as outlined throughout this FAQ or the Packages and Pricing page. Exceeding the allotted revision time may involve “additional charges”.

 Payment: 50% to start. 50% due on completion.

  • Please make checks payable to Kurt Feigel
  • Optional Paypal is available

Additional Changes: All Items not specifically listed in the packages and pricing page will be billed at $55.00/hr after receiving approval and confirmation from the Client.

Ecommerce Addition. Available on package 3 or can be added at a quoted rate. Contact me. I can incorporate sites such as Cafe Press or other outside sites and payment gateways into your site without creating an ecommerce plan. If you want to sell/ship stuff yourself you will need an ecommerce addition to your site. There are plugins available. That setup cost varies. Not all plugins are created equal.

Social Media Coaching: Usually I can get people up to speed in 3 to 5 hours. I have tools clients can us to automate every aspect of their social media marketing strategy. I can customize a plan just for you. SMC is billed at $55.00/hr*

The $55.00/hr rate for services is billed at a minimum of 1 hour and in 1 hour blocks. projects that take 15 minutes will be billed for 1 hour. Projects taking 1.5 hours will be billed for 2 and so on. Most clients batch their requests to maximize the work they need done in the most cost effective way. We do not do quotes for simple changes but can give you an approximation of the time that will be required