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Very Important SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization

Is very important to your success on the internet.

I found this great article that has some good tips that I have us.
1. Increase the quality of your website by avoiding the most common SEO mistakes.

There are a few mistakes in an SEO of a website that you should avoid. These simple-to-follow guidelines are essential for the way your pages rank in search results.

2. Targetting the wrong keywords

You should carefully choose the keywords which you want to compete for. For example, if you are making a website for your local football team, you should not aim to be first for the “sport” keyword. The “sport” keyword is simply too general and there are already many old and well optimized websites that will always be ahead of you in the search results. You should find your own niche (keywords you rank for) and optimize your website for it.

3. Duplicate Meta tags

This is a common mistake among web designers. Meta tags should be unique and meaningful for each separate page. For your meta description, for example, you should use complete sentences as if you are describing your page to a friend. The page title, meta description and keywords should be different for each page. If they are the same, search engines consider them as duplicate content and rank you lower in their search result pages.

4. Missing Title tag

(KF NOTE: I’ve found this to be huge)

You should set a title for each one of your pages. It should be meaningful and relative to the actual content of your site. Avoid using titles longer than 60 characters. Search engines will simply ignore the symbols after the 60th character.

5. Website is entirely created with Flash without an HTML alternative

Although websites created with Flash can be very pretty and attractive, search engines cannot crawl them. Since they cannot index your content, you will not rank for the keywords you would like to. Therefore, you should create an HTML alternative of your Flash website and provide your visitors with the option to choose one of them. By doing this you will increase the usability of your website and improve the way search engines index it.
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