Choosing what package to go with has been made very simple.

In an effort to streamline and make our processes more efficient for website development and to keep our costs low, we have eliminated what doesn’t work and dialed in what does. It is now so much easier to understand.


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Need a custom tutorial?

I can provide custom step by step tutorials for my clients.

If you are tired of giving excuses for not having a website. Excuses like ” we are working on it ” or “It’s almost finished” then you have come to the right place. Vigilant Websites works hard for every client to get your site online fast and with as little headaches as possible. Look at these features:


Reliable Website Hosting

You need safe & reliable website hosting. Our servers are guaranteed to be up 99.997% of the time and are managed by top of the line server and security experts. Don't settle for less when you don't have to.

Easily Make Changes

Wordpress has continued grow in popularity over the last 10 years. Over 200 Million people are using Wordpress to serve their businesses and personal website needs. Wordpress is easy to use, if you can send email you can use Wordpress.

“We Are Working On It”

If you don’t have a website you could be loosing business to your competitors that do. If you do have a website…is it living up to your expectations? Using some simple Search Engine Optimization techniques we can get your ranking improved in the major search engines.

Is Your Site Transferable?

If you are using a site builder program, can you transfer it? With Wordpress you can. Simply export your site and re-import it on another server and your back online. We also encourage automated daily exports and can show you how to do this or set it up for you.


DIY WordPress Website Using Cpanel To Set It Up

If you are strapped for cash but still need a website there is no need to sacrifice quality or style. WordPress is a user friendly system when combined with Cpanel hosting it is very easy to setup. Video above – Text Below Step One: Secure Your Domain name You can register a site in many […]

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Read These Reasons Why A Good Website Matters

Very good stuff: For most businesses, a web site is one of the most important investments you can make. Entrepreneurs are either overspending or underspending on their web sites, and many have no idea what they’re doing or why. So today I’m going to talk about why a good, solid web site really matters to […]

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An Unashamedly Conservative Business

I think it’s time that more people stand up and proudly proclaim their beliefs. We need more people, that in business, life,church and everywhere, will be unashamedly conservative. No nonsense. The scum on the left are unashamed. They are proud of their deviancy. Why are we not proud of our views? Well I am. I’m […]

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Veteran’s Supported With Website Developent

We just celebrated Veterans Day. I never served but have a great amount of respect for our Vets. Certainly more respect than our politicians give them. I want to help our veterans get their business off the ground and what better way to make that happen than with an easy to use customized wordpress package? […]

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