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Tools For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

WWWSEO is a pain. I’m not going to pretend it’s fun. And Just when you think you figured it out Google and the others change the algorithm and mess up your results. If your are not in the top 10 of Google your are not on Google. This may not be an issue for you as you use your website as an extension of your business cards. it’s really just a big brochure so no big deal right? well ok.

Here are some tools that help you see how your site is shaking out on Google.

See where your site ranks in google based on search terms you think your potential customers will use:

Refine this if you are not happy with the results by checking what the top 3 guys are doing and make changes accordingly.

Google webmaster tools is a helpful free tool that google provides

Read about organic SEO on my post here

Finally if you are using adwords and want to measure your Pay Per Click (PPC) results try these tools:

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