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Skype For Tech Support

SkypeUsing skype for tech support allows me to meet with more clients on their time table. Want to meet at 6 AM and not have to fly to another state? Skype can make it happen. I once met with a large church’s IT team from 1 to 3 AM so that no site downtime was noticed when we launched their new theme.

There are services like Go To Meeting but I’ve found over the years that skype is simple and easy to use. It’s also free.

I like teaching my clients to use their website after I build it for them. The screen sharing feature on skype is perfect for this. As a result I’m able to service client needs all across the country. Its amazing how many people go to the left when you tell them to go right. So when I say Left and am able to see what my clients are doing I can see if you are actually going right. neat?

Download skype for FREE today:

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