Choosing what package to go with has been made very simple.

In an effort to streamline and make our processes more efficient for website development and to keep our costs low, we have eliminated what doesn’t work and dialed in what does. It is now so much easier to understand.


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4 Steps To Protect Your Website From Hackers

Hackers are one of the MANY reasons why you need to do quarterly website backups (at a minimum), and why updates are critically important. Most hacking is not done hands on by a hacker. But by a computer set to attack your site and gain access using a database of flaws. Often it’s by gaining […]

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Tools For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a pain. I’m not going to pretend it’s fun. And Just when you think you figured it out Google and the others change the algorithm and mess up your results. If your are not in the top 10 of Google your are not on Google. This may not be an issue for you […]

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Skype For Tech Support

Using skype for tech support allows me to meet with more clients on their time table. Want to meet at 6 AM and not have to fly to another state? Skype can make it happen. I once met with a large church’s IT team from 1 to 3 AM so that no site downtime was […]

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Amazing Easy Landing and Sales Pages For WordPress

If you’ve wondered how the pros do it. Here it is. A company Called “Marketing Plugin” has created a plugin for wordpress that lets you create stunning landing/sales/squeeze pages for your site. Watch their demo video here. And click the link above for more info. Click Here to visit their website. Worth every penny

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