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Organic SEO Is Best

Around the first of the year I embarked on an experiment. To prove that paid “SEO management” is a scam. I succeeded. So much so that I tanked my Search Engine results and let it fall by the wayside not to remember the path I put myself on.


I hired an outsourcing company called “E Virtual Services” based out of India. I’m not knocking outsourcing. It’s part of my long term plans. But this didn’t work. I paid $200 to get “better search results” and I didn’t. Not by a long shot.

I’ve long believed that organic SEO is best. What do I mean by that? I mean natural SEO that YOU the author, site owner, blogger, etc have placed in the site. Not stuff “designed” to game the system. A system that is hard to game as one change in the algorithm that Google uses (and thus all others) and your fancy game is lost.

You should have a title that is descriptive of who you are. “Home” or “About” tells the search engines nothing about you. It’s the “link” that you click while using a search engine. If you Google “Lynchburg Tea Party” you will see this example below:

Lynchburg Tea Party

You should have a 2 sentence description of your services. the same site has this as it’s description.

Lynchburg Virginia Tea Party

There is a lot that goes into SEO and there are blogs devoted to this. It’s nothing YOU can’t do yourself.

Save your money and get better results.

I recommend using ALL IN ONE SEO for wordpress.

Doing honest business is hard. Made harder by those that would bilk you out of your hard earned money. If you are looking for an honest website developer give me a call.

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