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Booming Economy? I wish

I’ve never seen business this slow in 10 years of serving entrepreneurs. We are told in this Obama economy that things are fine and recovery is progressing. But almost 1 in 3 Americans are out of work. A problem that hasn’t changed since 2009 and has in fact gotten worse. We are told of the dropping unemployment. But when a person stops looking for work they are no longer considered unemployed and not counted in the numbers. So have the numbers changed or have more people given up? This is not how America’s economy is supposed to work. Government is in the way. I’m convinced that we are in for tough times ahead.

BUT…this doesn’t mean I plan to give up. Nor should you.

In tough times marketing is often the first thing to get cut. The problem is that when this happens business that has already dropped off, drops off further. Don’t quit! If you have a website. USE IT. If you don’t we should talk. I’ve gotten really creative lately and will take things other than cash as payment.

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