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Times Keep Changing

I’ve noticed over the last couple years how much the landscape of marketing online has changed. In large and small ways businesses are having a harder time connecting with people. Demographic A uses only Instagram. Demographic B uses only Facebook. And so on.

This isn’t much different than those that used the web and those that used the phone book. 20 years ago. However, The data dump overload is hurting marketers as consumers are bombarded by a tidal wave of information and only on rare occasion come up for air long enough to purchase something. This makes it harder especially for Ecommerce sellers who don’t have a brick and mortar store to fall back on.

Another trend I’ve seen is the DIY website marketplace and the plethora of choices and incomplete websites.

What do I mean? When a person who isn’t tech savvy uses one of these platforms they often don’t finish the work they started. They have an about page with incomplete information. The SEO isn’t completed. The home page just says “home” in the SEO title. And on it goes. An incomplete and/or stale site is not better than no site. That idea went away with the phone book.

One of the things that sets Vigilant apart from the DIY sites is we are like a coach cheering you on. We take your content and make it shine. And we push you for more if it’s needed. We can advise you on best practices and social media tips and tricks.

We’d love to help you even if it’s just hosting your site.

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