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I’m sitting here watching my two year old. It just dawned on me that with the exponential growth of technology, the world we live in will be vastly different that the one he will inherit.

When I was two the personal computer didn’t exist and neither did the internet. My first exposure to computers was in 1991 through AOL and a 486mhz windows system running 3.1.  You couldn’t do much back then. There were chat rooms and email but that was about it. Fast forward to today and we have something that looks very different.  So looking ahead what will we see?  Will we finally see the emergence of AI? The technology is almost there. It’s just a matter of some new breakthrough we’ve yet to see.  Personally I’m looking forward to that. Imagine having a computer that would know and understand every aspect of your life. It would pay your bills for you, or at least remind you to do it. Imagine the breakthroughs in medical research that could come as a result of AI. A computer that can think for itself and process the massive amounts of data that is out there. Really, the possibilities are endless.  I’m also looking forward to some breakthrough in cybernetics. Personally I’d love to see a chip that would let us access the internet and email or make phone calls by just thinking it.

Sure these things are the world of science fiction today…but tomorrow they could be a reality. After all. Cell Phones were once fantasy, as were Jet engines, rockets, nuclear bombs, and lots of other things we have today.

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