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An Unashamedly Conservative Business

I think it’s time that more people stand up and proudly proclaim their beliefs. We need more people, that in business, life,church and everywhere, will be unashamedly conservative. No nonsense. The scum on the left are unashamed. They are proud of their deviancy. Why are we not proud of our views?

Well I am. I’m 100% Tea Party, Revolution minded, Jeffersionian, Tree of Liberty, Second Amendment, Pro Life, Pro Family, CONSERVATIVE and anyone that doesn’t like it is free to take their business elsewhere.

This nation wasn’t founded by cowards or castrated men. It was founded by men of conviction. Those that pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor”. Why should we not be those same men? I changed my business name to reflect this. “Vigilant Website Development”; I want to work with those that share my beliefs and attitudes. With Men and Women that have actually read and believe in the U.S. Constitution. Who have a passion for starting something new.

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