Marketing With Video

Every day we are deluged with a flood of junk mail. Buy this thing. Get this new credit card. Refinance your home. All this paper has built a strong resistance to marketing by mail. For myself all but the rare coupon for pizza goes straight into the trash!
So what can you do? I went to my mailbox 2 years ago and got my normal pile of trash to take home and in that pile was a DVD. It didn’t go into the trash. In fact I watched it that day. I was so impressed that I bought what they were selling.  When you use a DVD for marketing you have a tool that has value. It will be something that at the very least people will watch and be educated about your product or service. So much the better when that a potential client becomes a new customer. Try this and you just may be pleasantly surprised by the results

In a down economy you don’t need to break your bank to have great marketing.

What’s in a production?

From the time a person calls us the production has begun. Sometimes it never goes past that first call. We ask questions that will help discover if a video or a website is the right marketing tool for you. It’s important to us that all products we create are used in a way that will benefit your business.

If a video or website will not be used, then we don’t want to make it.
Some people have a grand vision for the video or website they want created. Most people want our expertise to write the script, find the talent, scout the location and shoot the video.

In video we then have to factor in what music will work best and if we are using narration do we use a man or woman? Once editing is complete we output the project to DVD and get it sent off for duplication, as well as provide an internet format that you can use in your website.

Although the demand for video has decreased over the last few years. Due in large part to the flood of high quality consumer cameras and the increase of college programs related to video…thus more professional producers, we still offer these services.

If we can’t service your needs we will gladly point you to someone local that can.